Herbicide Glyphosate

Common name glyphosate (BSI, E-ISO, (m) F-ISO, ANSI, WSSA, JMAF)
IUPAC name N-(phosphonomethyl)glycine
Chemical Abstracts name N-(phosphonomethyl)glycine
CAS RN [1071-83-6] EEC no. 213-997-4

The formula of herbicide glyphosate is (HO)2 P(O)CH2NHCH2COOH. The pure product is non-volatile white solid and specific gravity is 0.5 with melting point of 230℃. Under 25℃, its solubility in water is 1.2% and it is insoluble in common organic solvents. At the same time, its isopropylamine salt is totally dissolved in water. This product is very stable, non-combustible and non-explosive. As a kind of herbicide with wide application, non-selective, non-residue and effective for weeds, this product is comprehensively used in rubber, mulberry, tea, fruit orchards and sugar cane.

For usage of herbicide glyphosate, solution should be used but rather direct spraying. Besides that, in compliance with non-tillage system, it can also be used during fallow period or before planting to kill the weeds of the field. Wind direction should be paid more attention for spraying and angle should be as low as possible to avoid touching green bark, twig, leaf and growing point, thus protecting the fruit trees. In terms of drought weather, if weed growth is not very strong, the spraying can be done by multiple times. To be more specific, 30%~40% for the first time and the second time is 3~5 days later. This method can improve not only absorption and conduction, but also weed control effect.

As a specialized herbicide glyphosate manufacturer and supplier in China, Eastchem also provides herbicide paraquat, herbicide butachlor, fungicide tricyclazole, fungicide tebuconazole, insecticide dimethoate and so on.

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