Herbicide Paraquat

Herbicide Paraquat

IUPAC name 1,1'-dimethyl-4,4'-bipyridinediium dichloride; 1,1'-dimethyl-4,4'-bipyridinium dichloride; 1,1'-dimethyl-4,4'-bipyridylium dichloride
Chemical Abstracts name 1,1'-dimethyl-4,4'-bipyridinium dichloride
Other names methyl viologen CAS RN [1910-42-5]; [2074-50-2] bis(methyl sulfate) EEC no. 217-615-7

Herbicide paraquat, with chemical name 1, 1'-Dimethyl-4, 4'-bipyridinium dichloride, has fast action and it can be absorbed rapidly by the green tissue of plant. Its active gradients are of highly destructive of the chloroplast layer membrane so photosynthesis and chlorophyll synthesis are quickly stopped. As an outstanding feature, our product can be sprayed only on brown lignified bark and branches but rather green stems and leaves so it doesn't harm crops or trees. This product loses activity in contact with soil so it should be applied 1-2 days before sowing, safe for crops.

This product is highly toxic and intake of 3ml can cause death. For death rate, the overall rate is 45% to 90% and oral poisoning mortality rate is as high as 90% to 100% so caution should be paid for usage. This product can't be used on fruit trees, vegetables and other crops. Besides that, other crops should not be polluted to prevent drug injury.

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